7 Minute Abs from There’s Something About Mary – Inspired by #SCIP09



After spending last week at SCIP09 in Chicago, I was reminded of how competitive intelligence people in corporate roles are often confronted by the same sort of executive myopia we see in this infamous scene from the Farrelly brothers’ classic “There’s Something About Mary“.

The lead character, Ted (Ben Stiller) picks up a hitchhiker (Harland Williams) who explains his breakthrough idea designed to reshape the landscape of the personal fitness industry by improving an existing competitor’s value proposition in a way that makes the current offer obsolete – “7 Minute Abs“… enjoy:

What struck me funny was, if you transpose the hitchhiker as CEO and Ted as CI practioner, you get some valuable takeaways for how not to manage the function… or maybe companies should just start by not picking up hitchhikers and making them CEO.