Wisconsin Live Like You Mean It Logo & Tagline Unveiled to Gasps of “Huh?” then “Hey Not Bad”



Wisconsin Live Like You Mean It logo and tagline

So, my first reaction to this was: “Huh?”

But, like many things Wisconsin, the more I dwell on it, the more it grows on me… here’s an excerpt from the Wisconsin State Journal (thanks to Brian @Wisconomy for the link) that reflects on how Governor Jim Doyle explained the positioning that accompanies the new branding:

Gov. Jim Doyle is scheduled Monday to introduce the “Live Like You Mean It” logo and theme line at the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism in La Crosse.

The marketing strategy is designed to distinguish the state from its competitors, not only in tourism but in commerce, agriculture and other sectors, leaders say.

“This is another tool we’ll use to keep loyal visitors coming back, communicate why a business should relocate or expand here, and let talented employees know why they should choose Wisconsin,” Doyle said.

The color selections for the logo, designed by Red Brown Kle, a Milwaukee advertising and communications company, came from consumer research conducted last year in Wisconsin and neighboring states. The green hue of the word “Wisconsin” is designed to represent the state’s natural resources and stewardship of the land. The red in the theme line and the cartwheeling silhouette conveys the attitudes of the state’s people, Doyle said.

Figures for 2008 won’t be released until May, but tourism was a $13 billion industry in Wisconsin in 2007. The state used $50,000 of the Department of Tourism’s $10 million marketing budget to come up with the logo and theme line.

A year ago, the state unveiled a brand platform on which to create the logo. The platform focused on the state’s culture of original thinkers. The logo will be used in online, print, broadcast and other marketing campaigns.

“The goal here is that by speaking in one voice and presenting a unified image, it helps Wisconsin grow its marketing strength at a time when we need it most,” said Kelli Trumble, state tourism secretary. “It really gives us a very distinct look.”

What do you think? Does this make you want to relocate your business here? It definitely makes me want to bring the kids, which I suppose is the big enchilada in state-versus-state economic development – that is, the attraction of a certain psychographic of entrepreneurial talent driven by quality of life issues. Which, if you’re trying to attract a person like me, would probably work pretty well.